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Anthony Awuley Machine Learning and Software Engineer

I'm Anthony Awuley,
A Machine Learning Engineer

I graduated from the MSc Computer Science program at Brock University, with a research interest in Evolutionary computation, Genetic programming, Computational Intelligence.

Areas of interest are Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science , Data Mining and Computer Vision.

Service I provide

Machine Learning

Evolutionary Computation, Deep Learning, Classification, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Data Science

Hadoop and Mapreduce, Python, R, Statistics

Backend Web Development

I have over 5 years experience in Web Development and Databases

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Work Experiences

I do backend programming, development and consulting for high traffic web-based solutions and applications.
Projects worked on: Clear Channel, iHeart Media, Billing/invoicing Systems, Virtual PBX, IBI

Web Developer BHS Consultants

Lead developer: I design, develop and maintain NSERC funded educational modules for
I lead the development of C and C++ based grammar parser and automatic theorem prover.

Research Assistant Brock University

I was a Lab Demonstrator/Marker/Grader for 9 different undergraduate computer science courses.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Brock University

I developed and maintained Precision Agriculture’s web portal using C++, PHP, MySQL; MVC

Web Developer Niagara College