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Anthony Awuley Machine Learning and Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

I hold an MSc in Computer Science from Brock University with research interest and publication in computational intelligence, evolutionary computation and genetic programming, machine learning and deep learning.

I have a working experience in machine learning, big data, data science , data mining and computer vision.

Service I provide

Machine Learning

Evolutionary Computation, Deep Learning, Classification, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Data Science

Hadoop and Mapreduce, Python, R, Statistics

Backend Web Development

I have over 5 years experience in Web Development and Databases

Feature Items

Work Experiences

I develop machine learning products, big data analytics, computer vision, recommender systems, REST API development

Machine Learning Lead Flashfood Inc

Backend development of big data analytics products using functional programming language

Backend Developer Askuity Inc

I do backend programming, development and consulting for high traffic web-based solutions and applications.
Projects worked on: Clear Channel, iHeart Media, Billing/invoicing Systems, Virtual PBX, IBI

Backend Web Developer BHS Consultants

Lead developer: I design, develop and maintain NSERC funded educational modules for
I lead the development of C and C++ based grammar parser and automatic theorem prover.

Research Assistant Brock University

I was a Lab Demonstrator/Marker/Grader for 9 different undergraduate computer science courses.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Brock University

I developed and maintained Precision Agriculture’s web portal using C++, PHP, MySQL; MVC

Web Developer Niagara College